Considering Space and Harmony while decorating interiors in open concept space with high ceiling

Two of the basic interior design elements/principles are Space and Harmony (unity).

Designing interior within an open space concept with high ceiling, demands for balance and proportion.

Space planning is crucial. Measuring dimension of the area including the ceiling height is key in organizing and arranging furnishing, to optimize functionality and creating aesthetic flow.

Divide the large room into functional zones based on the intended use of each area. Common zones might include a seating area, a dining area, a reading nook, and so on. Areas can be defined by grouping furniture items. While dressing windows with draperies in big rooms, go wider than the window width and close to the ceiling, it enhances ceiling height and opens up the space. Select similar window covering styles for esthetic flow and consistency.

To achieve unity, for e.g. consider choosing one wall color (instead of different colors in each area) and add an accent color if you like. Similarly consider consistency in colors and styles when selecting furniture, window coverings and accessories. This helps creating an aesthetic flow and harmony.

Lighting plays a crucial role in decorating interiors. Properly planned lighting designs can significantly enhance the overall aesthetics, functionality, and mood of a space.

Accessorizing is an integral part. Add some pendants or chandeliers and hang them low to create drama. Consider tall plants, big size wall decors items or group small wall décor pieces closely, instead of spread apart. Every wall doesn’t need to be decorated. Chose few wall as focal points for wall décor. This reduces visual clutter and creates a cleaner look. Choosing a few statement pieces for selected walls has significant visual impact.

Remember that the key is to balance the scale of the furniture, create functional zones, and maintain a sense of unity in the overall design. Don’t be afraid to play with the layout and experiment with different furniture arrangements until you find what works best for your needs and preferences. Best of luck for your project and call us if you need help, we would be very happy to assist you.