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Energy Efficient Window Coverings

If you have drafty windows or your room is getting too hot or too cold, you need to cover it with proper window covering layers. If not covered well it could lead to heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer resulting into your home furnace running constantly and higher utility cost. There are […]

Window Coverings for Specialty Shaped Windows

Specialty shaped windows includes: Arch, Quarter Arch, Extended arch, Eyebrow, Extended Eyebrow, Circle, Oval, Hexagon, Pentagon, Angled and more. When it comes to specialty shaped windows, finding suitable window coverings can be even more challenging. However, there are several options available that can beautifully complement and enhance these unique windows. Keeping all these factors in […]

Control the Sunlight, Control your Life……Part 6

Sheers & Drapes: Though the modern technology has improved the window blinds and shades, the demand for sheers and drapes never goes out of fashion. A window can be dressed in a single layer of sheer for light filtration or a layer of drapes for more privacy or multiple layers for multifunctionality. These layers also offers […]

Choosing Fabrics for Custom Drapery

Drapery plays a vital role in decorating home interiors. It dresses up the windows, offers light and privacy control and makes a space warm and inviting. Fabric selection for drapery is exciting but it could be daunting. Selecting right fabric is an art as well as science and the infinite choices could make this process […]

Control the Sunlight, Control your Life……Part 2

Blinds (Horizontal & Vertical): Horizontal and Vertical blinds have always been very popular for its warm elegance and multifunctionality. Among its many benefits, the most popular is its ability to offer varying level of light control. The direction and amount of sunlight can be easily controlled by simply adjusting the position of the slats or […]