Energy Efficient Window Coverings

If you have drafty windows or your room is getting too hot or too cold, you need to cover it with proper window covering layers. If not covered well it could lead to heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer resulting into your home furnace running constantly and higher utility cost.

There are a lot of window coverings options specifically desinegd to provide better insulation to the windows:

  1. Cellular Shades: These are also known as Honey Comb Shades. The cellular construction of these shades has air pockets designed to trap hot or cold air entering through the glass, to stabilize the room temperature. These shades are highly energy efficient
  2. Shutters: Shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment products. Vinyl, wood or composite, all are made of hard material that acts as a solid barrier to prevent heat loss or heat gain.  
  3. Blinds: Window blinds are efficient if snug against the window pane. The slats on the blinds when in closed position traps air from outside, keeping the room temperature fairly stable.
  4. Solar Shades: The solar shades are roller shades designed to keep the sun from entering the room. Some fabrics also have a silver shield (liner) at the back that deflects the harsh sun. This is a great solution for rooms that heats up due to constant sun exposure.
  5. Sheer Shades: Sheer shades also provides certain level of energy efficiency depending on the fabric. Sheer shades (Zebra, Silhouettes) have multiple layers of fabrics with air pockets, that could be a good barrier against the outdoor temperature.
  6. Drapes or Curtains: Good quality drapes with lining reduce the amount of air exchange in the room, It is more effective if the drapes are floor length and close to the window panes. An Inter lining can be added as a thermal layer if needed.
  7. Roman Shades: Roman shades made in heavier fabrics with lining is a very good insulation between the window and the room. Inside mount shade installation should be considered for better results.
  8. Motorized Shades: Energy efficient window covering is only beneficial if it is closed at the time of the day when needed. Adding motorization makes it very convenient. The smart shades come with an app that can be downloaded on smart devices. Using the app the shades can be programmed to automatically open and close as and when desired, optimizing the benefits.

There are many window treatment choices offering varying level of energy efficiency. It is important to analyze the issue and determine the need of each room before making a selection. You can also ask for advise from an experienced window covering specialist at who can guide you well.