Control the Sunlight, Control your Life……Part 6

Sheers & Drapes:

Though the modern technology has improved the window blinds and shades, the demand for sheers and drapes never goes out of fashion. A window can be dressed in a single layer of sheer for light filtration or a layer of drapes for more privacy or multiple layers for multifunctionality. These layers also offers varying level of sun and UV protection. There are thousands of natural and synthetic fabric choices. Synthetic fiber in sheer fabrics is long-lasting to sun exposure. The drapes are advised to be lined to protect the fabrics from the sun. Blackout linings are used for room darkening or light blocking per room requirement. Regardless what the need of the room is, there is a solution for each room, Call or book a Shop – At – Home Consultation Appointment to explore your style with a design expert.

Control the Sunlight, Control your Life…Part 7