Control the Sunlight, Control your Life……Part 5

Shutters (Wood, Vinyl & Hybrid):

Before glass was available the original purpose of the shutters was to control sunlight and to provide protection from outdoor elements. With all the technological evolution the basic purpose of shutters remains the same with more to offer. The shutters generally comes in 3 different louver sizes 2 ½”, 3 ½” & 4 ½”. The louver size and rotation allows adjusting the direction and amount of light entering the room, or it can be closed to block sun and UV rays when needed. The louver rotation function can also be motorized for convenience and hard to reach areas. The wood shutters are popular for their sound and thermal insulation. The Vinyl or Hybrid shutters are great for areas that require warp, fade and moisture resistance. Call or book a Shop-at-Home Consultation Appointment to find out which shutter is suitable for you.

Control the Sunlight, Control your Life…Part 6