Control the Sunlight, Control your Life……Part 1

In today’s modern day and age most of us like to stay in control of our life and lifestyle. Talking about lifestyle, first thing that cross our mind is comfort. Mental comfort is important and creating comfortable living space has direct impact on it.

Windows are a great source of sunlight, and sunlight is a great source of natural energy that we need for better health, mood and environment that in return improves our overall lifestyle.

In Northern Hemisphere the most sunlight comes from the south throughout the day, winter or summer with varying intensity during different times of the day. Plus the hot afternoon sun specially in the summer could heat up the interior and needs to be controlled.

While understanding the importance of sunlight, at times we need to control it, to avoid sun glare on our computer or TV screens and to protect interiors, floors, furniture and artwork.

How do we control it and what do we do……..

The answer is simple……. Cover your windows with proper layer to manage the sunlight as you desire. There are many window covering treatments which offer this feature:

1- Blinds (Horizontal & Vertical)

2- Roller or Solar Shades

3- Sheer Shades

4- Shutters

5- Sheers & Drapes

Read about each of these options in the subsequent parts…..

Control the Sunlight, Control your Life…Part 2