Control the Sunlight, Control your Life……Part 2

Blinds (Horizontal & Vertical):

Horizontal and Vertical blinds have always been very popular for its warm elegance and multifunctionality. Among its many benefits, the most popular is its ability to offer varying level of light control. The direction and amount of sunlight can be easily controlled by simply adjusting the position of the slats or close the slats for total privacy and room darkening. For e.g. the blinds in a living room can be fully or partially raised to enjoy outdoors and the sun, whereas the blinds in the bedrooms can be lowered with closed vanes  for privacy and room darkening. Blinds can be positioned with vanes slightly tilted upwards, to bring the natural light in, in the working areas like kitchen and office where you need light but want to avoid the direct glare from the sun. Same function for vertical blinds with sideway slats movements. While it has great functionality, it also comes in a wide range of color and textures to style your interiors. Call or book a Shop – At -Home Appointment to get a no obligation design consultation.

Control the Sunlight, Control your Life…Part 3